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              1. Online Consultation





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                (86) 510-86895658


                (86) 18961615515

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                select right grade of material according to clients' quality requirements and based on interior standards.

                select grade A yarn mills' preferentially, the QC dept. make comments and records on the yarn quality used.

                for new yarn, sample quality confirmation and fabric yardage trying are needed before bulk production.

                Under normal conditions, use grade A, grade AA, grade AAA comed yarn.

                YARN DYEING

                use of eco-friendly dyestuff, usually Active and VAT dyestuff.

                adopt of advanced and proven technology of dyeing, and study development.

                to follow established procedure, make handlooms or lab dips for clients' confirmation on both design and color.

                as per formal approval, put into bulk production, the colorshade needs to meet clients' requirements closely.

                technicians with qualification and enough experience.


                generally to apply advanced airjet looms to weave, except for items which rapier looms are right to do with.

                strictly follow the stipulations on equipments use and maintenance.

                flying dust control in weaving workshop and normalization management.

                eaving workers' training on working skill, rational deployment and health protection.

                dynamic tracing defaults in weaving, and quick feedback from next step dept.


                adopt of advanced and proven treatment technology.

                technician and workers' on-job-training on skill and responsibility.

                strictly follow operation guideline and specification.

                more treatment techniques and choices for clients' diversified requirements.

                INSPECTION & BURLING

                strictly follow three-step inspection.

                establish a training and elimination mechanism of burling workers and inspectors.

                working no. of the inspector marked on each roll fabric for tracking.

                adjust and strictly follow criteria of assessment for burling workers, inspectors and packing workers.

                TEST REPORTS

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